Best Body Fat Scale for Ensuring a Healthier Lifestyle

Managing your weight and developing a healthy lifestyle are crucial to having a fulfilling life. That is why you need the best body fat scale close by to ensure you can keep an eye on your body fat percentage.

With an accurate model, you can correctly determine the improvement or alterations you need to make in your routine to achieve the goals you have set. Since finding the right fit can be tricky, here's a review of the best units on the market and the factors to consider as you make your choice.


1. RENPHO Body Fat Scale

RENPHO Smart Scale for Body Weight, Digital Bathroom Scale BMI Weighing Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, Body Composition Monitor Health Analyzer with Smartphone App, 400 lbs - Black Elis 1
  • Renpho smart app works in connection with fitness apps. Easy setup app works with Fitbit App, Google Fit. Renpho already has millions of happy global users.
  • 13 essential body measurements. Body weight shows on the scale, other body composition data including weight, BMI, body fat percentage stored in the app. Track everybody's metrics change on Renpho app.
  • User-friendly app. Download Renpho app at App Store or Google Play, also works with Apple Watch (Except for Apple Watch Series 1). Renpho App works with Bluetooth 4.0 and above.
  • High-Quality Innovation. Auto calibration, high precision sensors measure in increments of 0.2 lb, 0.05 kg with 400lbs, 180kg capacity. 4 high sensitive electrodes. DO NOT let the sides of the scale, especially the four corners of the surface tempered glass hit any object, and it is recommended to wrap the four corners of the glass with soft objects.
  • Monitor your progress, unlimited users and baby weighing mode. Renpho connects with apps to help motivate toward your goals, save historical data, and track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress. Use baby weighing mode for weighing baby or pets, 1 scale for whole family, support for adding unlimited users.

The best body fat scale your money can buy is the RENPHO body fat scale which uses Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis to determine up to 13 body composition metrics. It serves as a body fat scale, smart Body Mass Index scale, and body composition analyzer.

The RENPHO body fat scale can track your overall progress across days, weeks, or months to let you keep a close eye on 13 different metrics. These include your body weight, body fat percentage, bone mass, fat-free body weight, metabolic age, muscle mass, bone mass, body water percentage, skeletal muscle mass, BMR, subcutaneous fat, protein, and visceral fat.

You can derive more from this smart scale if you download the Renpho App on your android device. Unfortunately, this item is not compatible with Samsung Health watch or the Samsung Health app on IOS. Nevertheless, the moment you step on the scale, your personal data will instantly appear on the Renpho App, thanks to the secure Bluetooth connection built into this item.

After setting your goal to lose weight or improve muscle mass, you will need to regularly track your body fat composition to know whether you are moving towards or away from your objective. The Renpho digital scale will help you do just that for as little as a few days to as far as a whole year.

  • Pros
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Up to 13 crucial body measurements.
  • Records your progress.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Easy to use the app.
  • Cons
  • The scale only displays your weight.
  • Small display screen.

2. EatSmart Digital Body Fat Scale

EatSmart Digital Body Fat Scale with Auto Recognition Technology, Black
  • Sleek, modern look: Black glass platform with silver accents on a 12.5" square platform, yet is only 1" thick. Rests on 4 precision load cells, engineered to the highest standards
  • Large, clear readout: 2.25" square LCD readout features two lines so more data can be displayed at the same time, and is much easier for user set up
  • Measures body composition: Calculates body fat, body water, muscle mass and bone mass percentages, using reliable BIA technology. Calculates in either normal or athlete mode. NOTE: Weight and body composition can fluctuate throughout the day so it is recommended to weigh at the same time of day in similar clothing.
  • Automatic User Identification: After inputting personal data, auto recognizes up to 8 users based on previous weight. No more buttons to press after the initial set up
  • Includes: Easy to follow instruction manual (which also helps to define body fat, body water, body muscle and bone mass), and 4 AAA Batteries

Next, we have the EatSmart Digital Body Fat Scale, which is effective at measuring body fat, weight, body water percentage, bone mass, and muscle mass. If you are determined to control your body fat composition, this scale will be a beneficial tool to have around.

You don't have to be the only one to profit from this digital scale. You can get your loved ones to take part in your weight loss or weight gain journey since this EatSmart product can accommodate the information of up to eight users. Plus, the automatic recognition software ensures that it will identify the exact user profile when anyone steps on the scale.

The four high-precision sensors on this scale can accurately measure up to 400lbs/180 kgs, making it an excellent option for plus-size individuals. It is also a great option for fitness enthusiasts, runners, athletes, personal trainers, and those trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You can rest assured it won't be tricky to use this digital bathroom scale since it comes with a touch screen interface which makes it user-friendly.

  • Pros
  • Sleek and stylish design.
  • Dual data display.
  • Automatically recognizes the user.
  • Accommodates up to 8 users.
  • Cons
  • Not the most durable option.

3. YUNMAI Premium Smart Scale

YUNMAI Premium Smart Scale - Body Fat Scale with New Free APP & Body Composition Monitor with Extra Large Display - Works with iPhone...
  • FDA Listed Smart Scale Brand. 5,000,000 + USERS AND COUNTING.
  • YUNMAI APP Sync with Apple health and Google Fit.
  • 10 Precision Body Measurements -- Body Fat, BMI, Muscle, Hydration, Bone mass and More.
  • 16 Users Tracking Management. Weigh yourself anytime WITHOUT phone.
  • 5 Seconds Setup. Local Customer Service. Free exchange/return within 30 days.

Holding a third place in this list of the best body fat scales is the YUNMAI Premium Smart Scale and Body Fat Monitor. It features a slim design and a curved shell bottom making it a stylish addition to your health tracking tools.

It's a pretty straightforward body fat scale since once you step on it, it'll provide comprehensive information on 10 different health measurements. The data will be directly sent to your phone, allowing you to keep track of your weight, body fat, body water percentage, bone mass, body age, protein, basal metabolic rate, BMI, visceral fat, and muscle rate.

The YUMAI app is compatible with most smartphones and can also link to your Apple Health or FitBit account for a customized experience. In addition, YUMAI is an FDA-listed brand with millions of users around the world. However, if you are pregnant or have medical devices like a pacemaker, you should seek professional medical advice before using this scale.

  • Pros
  • This smart scale syncs with Apple Health and Google Fit accounts.
  • Fast setup.
  • Up to 16 users.
  • Multiple body measurements.
  • Cons
  • The user guide is tricky to follow for some users.

4. Omron Body Composition Monitor With Scale

Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale - 7 Fitness Indicators & 90-Day Memory
  • Measures 7 different fitness indicators: Body fat percentage, BMI, skeletal muscle, resting metabolism, visceral fat, body age, and weight
  • Accurately measures body fat percentage using proven bioelectrical impedance method
  • Easy to read digital screen displays body weight up to 330 pounds in seconds. Recommended to take the measurement in the morning before exercise, eat, drink or take a shower. Voltage: 1.5 V
  • Stores up to 4 individual profile settings so the whole family can track their progress with 90 days of memory
  • Retractable cord makes it suitable for adult users up to 6’ 6 3/4” tall, if the weight value is displayed abnormally low or high then place the monitor on a hard and level floor

The Omron Body Composition Monitor is among the best body fat scales since it can provide a comprehensive picture of your overall health. This will allow you to determine the effectiveness of your fitness routine to let you find the ideal way to lose weight or gain mass.

It can measure weight, BMI, body fat percentage, resting metabolism, visceral fat, skeletal muscle, and body age. As a result, you won't need additional tools to keep track of your physical well-being. The LCD is large to let you read your data without straining your eyes.

This body fat scale has a weight capacity of 330 lbs, making it suitable for people invested in losing weight consistently. Whenever you want to use this tool, you can turn it on with the ON/OFF switch located at the scale base. You could get the family to join in since this body composition monitor can hold up to four user profiles. Unfortunately, one of the downsides of this body fat scale is that it only stores the data for 90 days.

  • Pros
  • Accurate body fat measurement.
  • Large digital display screen.
  • Up to 330 pounds weight capacity.
  • Four user profiles.
  • Cons
  • No wireless connectivity.
  • Only 90 days of memory.

5. Withings Body Digital WiFi Smart Scale

Withings Body+ - Digital Wi-Fi Smart Scale with Automatic Smartphone App Sync, Full Body Composition Including, Body Fat, BMI, Water Percentage, Muscle & Bone Mass, with Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Mode
  • #1 BEST-SELLING SMART SCALE In the US. One of the smartest digital scales for body weight, making it a bathroom essential and home must haves in electronic scale. fsa/hsa eligible.IN THE BOX - Body+ White, Carpet feet, Alkaline cells already installed, Quick installation guide (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)
  • BODY COMPOSITION - The withings scale functions as a bmi measurement tool or body fat analyzer. This bathroom scale monitors weight, measures body fat & water %, muscle & more. It's a fitindex scale.
  • HIGHLY COMPATIBLE digital bathroom scale- This digital bluetooth scale, unlike other bathroom scales, syncs with apple watch plus more than 100 top health and fitness apps incl. Apple health & more
  • AUTOMATIC SYNCHRONIZATION - Data from every weigh-in appears automatically via Wi-Fi in the free health Mate app. Making it easy to keep track at home workout progress. An Amazon must haves.
  • ACCURATE WEIGHING - Wi-Fi to ensures your measurement on this body weight scale is accurate & position control technology guides you to getting a precise weight measurement to 100g .

The last model in our review is the Withings Digital bathroom scale, an advanced unit that can keep track of your weight, BMI, and full body composition with great accuracy. It will automatically sync your data through Bluetooth or WiFi in the Health Mate app and is compatible with Apple Health.

The batteries this unit comes with will run for about 18 months before replacement becomes necessary. This means it'll be a long while before you need to rush to the store to buy new AAA batteries. For added convenience, this body fat scale displays a local weather forecast every day.

  • Pros
  • Compatible with over 100 fitness apps.
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.
  • Tempered glass platform.
  • Long battery life.
  • Accommodates 8 users.
  • Cons
  • A bit pricey.
  • The app requires permission to all your personal information.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Body Fat Scale

1. Display

As you search for the best scale to measure your body fat percentage, you must consider the type of display the unit has. You should go for a model with a well-lit display that will let you see the measurements without any eye strain. The digits should be large, but this depends on the size of the screen.

Unfortunately, most models will only display the weight on the scale, making it necessary to pair it with your smartphone to see the rest of the body composition data. Some scales will show multiple measurements but could come at a higher price.

Nevertheless, whether the information is sent to your phone or is on the scale, you will want the body fat percentage to be accurately displayed.

2. App Synchronization

If you have a legitimate interest in improving your physical condition, you probably have a health or fitness app for monitoring your physical activity and sleep. Rather than start from scratch, you could buy a body fat scale that can sync with your current health apps to share the necessary information.

So, you should check whether your preferred scale is compatible with other health apps. This will help you avoid creating a new account. As a result, you can continue from where you left off in your fitness apps and proceed with the new instrument.

Even if it doesn't work with most apps, it should be compatible with the most popular ones like Samsung Health, Apple Health, Google Fit, etc.

3. Wireless Connectivity

Some smart scales display all your personal data on the screen. However, other units might require a connection to your android or IOS device to provide additional information on your health. If you are choosing such a model, you should check for wireless connectivity.

The scale will connect to your phone through WiFi or Bluetooth. So, your smartphone should have the appropriate capabilities to link with the scale successfully. If the scale doesn't have wireless capabilities, it might be impossible to view the data through your phone.

4. Weight Capacity

The best body fat scales not only determine your body fat percentage but also give your weight measurement. Smart scales don't accommodate a uniform weight range. Some units can handle more weight than others, depending on the materials used to construct them.

If you are overweight, you shouldn't go with a scale that has a small weight range. This is because your weight could crush the scale or cause it to malfunction. As such, you should go for an option that can accommodate much more than you weigh.

A standard scale should hold up to 200lbs of weight, but some models can handle more than this.

5. Ease of Use

This might seem obvious, but it's crucial that your body fat scale is one that you can use without any assistance. The bathroom scale you select should have intuitive controls that allow you to operate without constantly referring to the manual. As you read the reviews on the different products, you should check the ease of following the instructions in the user guides.

If the product has a manual that is tricky to follow, you should consider another option. Some bathroom scales have a touch control screen, ON/OFF switch, and other types of controls. You will need to find an option that works for you without any difficulty.

6. Accurate Data

Another essential consideration is the accuracy of the measurements the scale provides. Even the best body fat scale isn't 100% accurate.

Models will vary in precision and will have an error of between 2 to5 lbs. If you are determined to reduce your fat percentage, you will want a unit with little room for error.

Some scales have measurements that constantly fluctuate. They can be discouraging to use since the information they offer won't reflect reality. So, you'll want a unit that is as precise as possible.

7. Multiple Users

It can be challenging to remain consistent in your weight loss journey if you are handling it alone. Fortunately, the digital body fat scales in this review can make it easier for you since they can accommodate multiple users.

As a result, you can invite your loved ones to keep track of their body fat percentage with you as you continue your regular fitness routine. This could motivate you to keep striving to achieve the changes you desire in your overall body composition.

8. Additional Data

The best body fat scale won't only provide your body fat percentage but will also include more information like your muscle mass, bone mass, body water percentage, BMI, among others.

If you want to gain or lose weight, a comprehensive body composition report might be necessary, especially because lean mass and bone density have much to say about your overall health. This means that the model you choose should be capable of providing more than the body fat percentage.

Fortunately, the scales in this post can accommodate four, eight, and even an unlimited number of users. This will make your journey more interesting and rewarding.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best body fat scale on the market?

The RENPHO body fat scale is the best unit you can buy. It will help determine your BMI, body fat, muscle mass, and other body composition measurements.

2. How do I choose a body fat scale?

When looking for a scale, the factors you should consider include accuracy, user-friendliness, number of users, and weight capacity.

3. Do body Fat scales really work?

Yes, body fat scales can assess the amount of fat in your body by sending faint electrical impulses through your body. They might not be completely accurate but will come as close as possible to the real measurement.

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