Greater Goods Perfect Portions Scale Full Product Review

Greater Goods Nutrition Scale, Food Grade Glass, Calorie Counting Scale, Meal Prep Scale, and Weight Loss Scale, Designed in St. Louis, Silver
  • A Premium Choice: View primary nutrition values and weigh with precision down to 0.1g. The gG nutrition scale is the perfect kitchen tool for meal planning and counting macros.
  • Extra Hygienic: A food-safe glass surface and touch-sensitive buttons keep the nutrition scale easy-to-clean and resistant to spills.
  • Feature Rich: Save and view totals of multiple ingredients, track your carbs, proteins, and fats, or zero out the weight of a container. This mighty macro scale is incredibly versatile.
  • More Space: The meal prep scale comes fully loaded with the nutritional values of 2,000 foods and has space to store up to 99 more custom entries.
  • True Support: Our friendly team in St. Louis are industry experts at-the-ready to assist you with any questions that might arise about your nutrition scale. We take pride in our work and want you to have a wonderful experience from beginning to end.

Are you trying to lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle or simply keep tabs on the nutritional content of the meals you eat? This perfect portions scale from Greater Goods Products is the best ally you will ever have. The nutrition food scale is like your own personal nutritionist, only cheaper and less chatty.

Let’s face it; the country is right in the middle of a severe obesity crisis, now standing at 42.4 percent. This is primarily thanks to the unhealthy foods Americans eat every day and partly to do with their sedentary lifestyle. While many things can be done to fight this monster, the battle has to start with food.

Being intentional about knowing exactly what is in your food is crucial. How many calories are there? What is the nutritional info of that food? How much sugar, chemicals, and fats are you taking in? The perfect portions scale will help you establish all this in less than a minute. As a scale and a nutritional calculator in one, it clearly displays the content of 2000 foods adjusted to portion size.


  • 4 high-precision sensors ensure accuracy within 1 gram or 0.1 ounces.
  • High-contrast LCD screen. Scale shuts off and calibrates automatically.
  • Tare function allows you to measure messier ingredients in a container.
  • Smooth plastic surface and hygienic touch-sensitive buttons that are a breeze to clean.
  • Large weighing surface (6x6 inches) supports up to 11lb/5kg.
  • Scratch-resistant feet.
  • Automatic power off after a minute of idle time.
  • Impressive tare function.

Who is it for?

The Greater Goods Perfect Portions Scale is for every person who wants to know the nutritional content of what they eat. Maybe you are trying to lose weight, eat healthier, or work on portion control. People doing the keto diet will also benefit from the accurate macro counting of this food scale.

However, you can also use the scale to measure ingredients in your kitchen for baking or meal preps. With an accuracy of down to a gram, you will have a better outcome than using those measuring cups and spoons. The scale looks fantastic on your counter, stores away easily, and tells you everything you need to make better meals, whether you’re trying to count macros or perfect your signature recipes.


  • The scale has an easy to clean glass top surface and stylish touchpad keys.
  • Displays weight in grams, pounds, and ounces with high-resolution graduation of 1g/ 0.1oz
  • Weight capacity of 11 pounds/5kgs.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • High level of accuracy thanks to the 4 high-precision sensors on each corner.
  • It’s compact and easy to store.
  • 2,000 pre-programmed foods, and you can add others as you like.
  • Backlit LCD display to help you see the readings clearly no matter the lighting.
  • Auto turn-off feature to save the batteries.
  • 24 hours genuine customer support.
  • 2 CR2032 batteries included


The 2,000 pre-programmed list of food items doesn’t seem to include most healthy foods. Anybody looking to count macros or check the nutritional information of lean meat, whole grains, and other healthy meals will be forced to enter the codes manually and program them. This is inconvenient for people trying to eat healthier because the customization bar only has 99 spaces.

Perfect Portions Scale Features in Details

1. Weighing platform

The perfect portion scale has a sleek, easy to clean glass top surface where you place your food items. It is a large surface measuring 6 by 6 inches and supports up to 11 pounds. Right on top of the surface is a high-contrast LCD screen with hygienic touch-sensitive buttons. The buttons include on/off, tare functionality, save button, customizing, and total. All the readings you need including macros and nutritional facts are clearly visible on the side, and you can even get the daily percentage value and your total intake for the day.

2. Four High Precision Sensors

The only justifiable reason to get a food scale when you can measure everything with spoons and cups is accuracy. This Greater Goods Products scale has perfected the art of accuracy to a tee. The Perfect Portions food scale gives you the exact same digits, thanks to the four high-precision sensors on each corner of the scale. This solves the problem of getting varying readings every time you place a food item on the scale, something that often happens with other weighing scales.

3. Tare Function

The tare button on this nutrition food scale is the one written ZERO. When you press it, the reading goes back to zero even when you have something on the scale. How does this help you? It helps when you need to measure items in a bowl or a container, and you have to subtract the bowl's weight. What’s more, you can use the tare functionality when you keep adding new ingredients to the bowl.

4. Graduation values

Graduation values or units refer to the least possible weight unit a scale can handle. In this case, the unit is 1 gram or 0.1 ounces. That doesn’t mean however that you can place something that is only one gram. It means you can add ingredients with feather-light weight like spices when cooking, baking, or meal planning. The low graduation values ensure 100% accuracy without leaving room for errors like measuring cups do. If you want to bake a perfectly fluffy cake, the grams in baking powder can be the difference between light and hard cake texture.

5. Auto-off Feature

The perfect portions scale uses 2 AAA batteries to power its operation. Because of the backlit LCD display, the battery power can go down quite fast. The auto-off feature, which means the backlit screen dims after 30 seconds, is there to combat this issue and ensure the batteries don’t go down too fast. Additionally, the entire scale will shut down after a minute of idle time to conserve energy.

In theory, the auto-off feature is fantastic because it helps save your batteries. However, the 30 seconds rule can get quite annoying when you are continuously measuring ingredients for baking or cooking.


The average home cook may find a nutrition food scale to be just another non-essential appliance in the kitchen. If you are trying to count your macros, check your carbs, or perfect your baking however, this perfect portions scale is invaluable. We like the wide weighing surface because it doesn’t limit you, and you can still see the readings clearly.

The fact that you can customize the scale with 99 extra foods is a big plus, especially since you can erase and add new things as you wish. That said, it sure would have been nice if the programmed food items were more healthy options instead of junk food.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I use this Digital Kitchen Scale?

Place the scale horizontally on a flat dry surface and turn it on. Set your food item on the weighing surface and read the digits on the LCD display. Since this is a nutritional value scale, some readings may be in code. The perfect portions food scale comes with a separate booklet where you will read the food codes you see on the scale so you can understand them.

Use the zero button to subtract the weight of the container if you are using one. Depending on the units of measure you want to use, touch the UNITS button to change between grams, ounces, and milliliters.

2. Is a food scale worth it?

When it comes to baking or meal prep, a slight difference in the amount of ingredients you add can make a big difference. This often happens in baking when a few grams can ruin an entire cake or cookie recipe. The nutrition food scale measures every ingredient with the highest level of accuracy, so nothing will go wrong.

A food scale that can give you the nutritional facts in food items is also worth it if you want to count your macros, measure portions, or eat a healthier diet. For example, you can measure how many carbs, proteins, and fats you eat in a day, depending on your weight loss and fitness goals.

3. How do I know if my food scale is accurate?

The best way to test accuracy is to measure something you already know the weight of. Choose an item that’s a bit heavy and place it on the scale. Take it off and then place it again after 5 seconds. If you get the same figure both times, the scale is accurate.

Sometimes the nutrition food scale may need to be reset if you have been using it for a while because they tend to lose accuracy with time. However, the Greater Goods perfect portions scale is able to calibrate itself when you turn it off to ensure accuracy every single time.

4. Should you weigh your food before or after cooking?

To get the most accurate measurements, you should weigh food when it’s uncooked. The nutrition fact panels give details for food in its original packaged state before cooking. The reason for this is because cooking alters the weight, temperature, and moisture of the food. Food may lose up to 50% of its weight and volume when cooked, so it’s better to get the nutrition info when it’s raw and in its most accurate state.

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