Taylor Kitchen Scale for Precision in Weighing Food

Taylor Precision Products - 3842 Taylor Precision Products 11lb Digital Glass Top Household Kitchen Scale, Universal, Silver
  • QUALITY AND PRECISION: Taylor has been making precision products for kitchen measurement for over 150 years, using only the highest quality components for accurate weighing. Measure precisely in both standard and metric units up to 11lb/5kg in 0.1oz/1g increments.
  • VERSATILE DESIGN: This product is made with a durable, tempered glass platform. The material is easy-to-clean and resists staining and flavor carry over.
  • SIMPLE & CONVENIENT: Weighing foods and small items should be hassle free, so this scale has intuitive features like Auto-Off (to conserve battery life), Tare (zero weights between additions) and even a Low Battery Indicator as a reminder for replacement.
  • EASY TO READ: The 0.5" LCD readout has crisp, clear digits.
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED: TWO (2) AAA batteries. Install or remove insulation tab to activate scale before first use.

The Taylor Company was founded by George Taylor and has been making precise and accurate kitchen measuring products for over 150 years now. The Taylor precision products can Measure accurately in metric units of 11 pounds or 5kg in 0.1oz or 1g increments. If you are looking to get a great food scale, the Taylor kitchen scale is the way to go.

The Taylor scale has several outstanding features; sleek design, high weighing capacity, durable tempered glass platform that is stain resistant, 0.5" LCD display with clear readings, a tare function, easy to clean, to mention a few. The scale is exceptionally precise and accurate and is available in most online stores. The prices and availability of this product will vary by each store. When you purchase this scale, you will be getting the best value in the market.

In this review, we will be discussing the features, advantages, and limitations of the Taylor kitchen scale to help you make a wise decision when purchasing a kitchen scale.

Key Features and Advantages of the Taylor Kitchen Scale

1. Design

The Taylor food scale is designed to cater to all your kitchen needs. This scale has a classy, sleek design that fits easily to all kitchen counters. It adds a decorative feature to your kitchen and makes it look fascinating. The sleek design also allows you to store the scale easily in the kitchen pantry, thus preventing damages.

The Taylor kitchen scale is also built with a tare feature that will reset your scale to zero when you finish weighing one product. The tare feature will then take away the additional weight from the bowl or plate you used to measure the item, giving you the exact measurement of your product.

This Taylor scale also has an easy-to-read LCD readout that is 0.5 inches. The digital screen enables you to read and see the weight measurement. The scale is also designed with two AAA batteries and an accessible battery compartment that easily changes the batteries. The design of these food scales makes them convenient and easy to use.

Taylor Precision Products - 3842 Taylor Precision Products 11lb Digital Glass Top Household Kitchen Scale, Universal, Silver

2. Weighing Capacity and Graduation Unit

This digital scale is precise when it comes to weight capacity because, in most cases, like when baking, you need exact readings of the multiple ingredients for best results. The weight capacity of the scale is 11 pounds or 5 kgs. This kitchen scale has a graduating unit of 0.1 oz. This way, you can measure the required amount of spices and baking items such as flour you need.

3. Easy to Clean Weighing Platform

The food scale comes with a six inched diameter glass weighing platform that is durable. The kitchen scale has a flat plate-like glass platform that is large and odor-resistant. The digital kitchen scale has a well-proportioned glass platform that is also very easy to clean, and you simply need to wipe it clean with a damp microfiber cloth. You do not have to worry about the mess you will make when using these food scales.

4. Tare Function of the Digital Kitchen Scale

The tare feature in all digital scales is to factor out the previous readings of the scale. This allows you to get the precise and accurate measurement of the items you measure. The tare function in this kitchen allows you to calculate the exact measurements by taking off the bowl's weight or plate used when taking your measurements.

The functional button of the digital scale is visibly placed on the scale, and you will press the power button when you want to start the scale. When you press the tare button, the scale automatically resets to zero.

5. Accuracy and Precision

The kitchen scale has tare and auto shut features, and you will get the most accurate and precise measurements. It is also designed with a great glass platform with sensor technology that allows you to get the best readings in the graduation unit of a gram. It also has a review rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars on accuracy. The sensor feature allows the kitchen scales to sense and takes away the additional measurements that come with the bowl or container used when weighing items.

This Taylor kitchen scale and food scale also come with a built-in feature that allows you to switch from one unit to another, like from pounds to kgs. When you have set your measurements in grams, you can easily change them to ounces by a push of the Unit Button. The Unit Button is a spectacular element that warranties accuracy and precision on the measurements whenever you cook.

Taylor Kitchen and food Scale Limitations

1. No Backlit on the LCD Display

Taylor Kitchen Scale has a great and clear display and provides accurate readings. However, the digital scale does not have a backlit on the Lcd Display. The backlit display is used especially in low-lighted rooms to improve the ability to read the scale.

2. Only AAA Batteries Power Options

Although Taylor's scale has an auto shut feature to conserve battery life, it can only be powered by two AAA batteries and does not have a plug-in port. This can be disadvantageous in cases where the scale batteries run low in the measuring process. There are similar items with adapter and USB charging options that allow one to weigh items even after batteries run low, and it would also be great to have the same on this product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Taylor Kitchen Scale

1. Are Taylor's food scales accurate?

The Taylor kitchen scale has been considered to be among the leading scales in terms of accuracy. The scale has a review rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars on the same and great best sellers review online. This scale will always have the same reading and never off by an increment of 0.1 when comparing the scale with post offices or other scales.

2. How do you read a Taylor Food Scale?

Taylor's food scale is simple to use and uses the most general weight functioning. The scale comes with a user guide, and you will have to read and understand it to help you know how to operate it. You will have to place the scale on a flat hard surface, then press the tare function button to turn your food scale on. When the scale is on, place food to be weighed on the glass platform. The scale will display the weight of the item in pounds or ounces. It has an auto shut feature that will turn it off after one or so minutes of the scale, not been used.

3. How do I calibrate a Taylor Food Scale?

If you weigh multiple ingredients, you don't have to keep switching the scale power button each time. The Taylor food scale has a tare functional feature that will help with this. once you are done using weighing one item, you will press the button, and the scale will automatically reset back to zero.

4. What type of battery does Taylor scale use, and what is its battery life?

TWO (2) AAA batteries power Taylor scales. The scale has a long battery life which is brought about by the auto shut feature. However, if you need to replace the batteries, you will have to unscrew the bottom side of the scale where the battery section is. Then remove the old batteries and replace them with other new two AAA batteries.

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